Center on Stress and Health

Recent Visiting Scholars

Dr. Young Don PyunYoung Don Pyun, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Young Don Pyun has a private hypnosis clinic for psychiatric disorders in Seoul, South Korea. He is a director of the Korean Society of Clinical Hypnosis for physicians. Dr. Pyun learned hypnosis from David Spiegel and his father Dr. H. Herbert Spiegel.

Dr. Pyun was a recent Visiting Scholar working in the Center for Stress and Health on research papers and in the clinical field.


MetteHoybyeMette Terp Hoybye, MSc, PhD

Dr. Hoybye's research is concerned with the rehabilitation of cancer survivors and has a particular focus on how the internet and new social media may be utilized to support cancer rehabilitation.
While visiting Stanford University, Dr. Hoybye is working on developing a behavioral intervention seeking to increase adherence to cancer treatment and alleviate social isolation through an immersive 3D online real-time multi-user environment for adolescents and young adults with cancer. This work brings together previous work on social media as a resource to people with a serious illness and insights from research on video-games and immersive virtual worlds, to establish new ways for engaging youth in medical treatment and increase their knowledge on the illness they are facing.

Professional education:
PhD: University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Faculty of Health Sciences, 2009
MSc: University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Institute of Anthropology, 2002
BA:  University of Aarhus, Denmark, Department of Ethnography and Social Anthropology, 1999



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