Center on Stress and Health

Medical Psychotherapy Clinic

One function of this clinic is to evaluate all prospective liver, heart, kidney, lung transplant patients for psychological suitability to receive a donor organ. However, we primarily serve the psychiatric needs of patients and families of patients diagnosed with serious medical illnesses (e.g. end organ failure, cancer, stroke, HIV, cardiac disease,and diabetes), injuries or somatization/conversion disorder. Treatment includes individual, family and group psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, hypnosis and relaxation techniques. Close communication with primary physician is an essential activity of this clinic. Clinic staff works with patients during all phases of the illness: helping with prevention; coping with a recent diagnosis; adjusting to a new lifestyle or terminal stage disease; and seeing family members through bereavement.

Patients, family and physicians can speak directly to a psychiatric intake coordinator who will triage each patient to the most appropriate specialty area. The intake coordinator will also assist in obtaining insurance verification and pre-authorization as needed. You can reach the intake department by calling (650) 498-9111.

Medical Psychotherapy Clinic Staff


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